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"dasamar" "dasamar"

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Best Buy Win!

What does dasamar mean? =]
This is pretty good! I really like the lack of repetitiveness with a common theme! This sounds like a scene where someone dies, or someone has a revelation about oneself. I'd love to remix this! What software do you use?? (I've just started using the audio portal, so I don't think my music is up yet, but if you want to check my stuff out, it'll be up soonish, I hope!)
But yeah, I really like it! I can't think of any suggestions to make it better! Haha.

Ankalegon responds:

I use FL Studio 7 and I found about 10,000 free wav files online that i use for orchestrated stuff. (i still reeeaaaalllly want a good grand piano plug-in but can't seem to find one!)
I would definitely say this has "someone dies" written all over it lol.
if i tell you what dasamar means it would ruin it... let's just say it's a village in a distant land with the most beautiful sunset ever but all the inhabitants are born blind and will never see it.
i'll check out ur stuff bro! thx for the review

Insane loop 1 Insane loop 1

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I Wouldn't Call It a Loop.

The intro was a little misleading for the verse, but that's alright! This sounds terrific out of a sub woofer! =D Some points it's a little noisy, and there's too much bass, but overall, it's pretty good, so keep up the good work! Sounds more like a song than a loop. I hope this helps!

Scorpion impersonation Scorpion impersonation

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Your voice is impressive. Would've been a ten, probably, if your recording quality were higher! Keep up the good work, and maybe if/when you have a better microphone, we could collaborate on something! =D

RaiSkreamz responds:

Wow how the hell I miss this for so many years? Well I don't have a microphone but I do record my voice by phone which comes out clear enough for me to edit it later on. Thanks for stopping by :D


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Insomnia. =]

The sounds at the beginning are too high-pitched and hurt my head.
But the rest is good ambiance music, and it sounds like it'd sound really good at 5 in the morning when suffering from insomnia. =P
Sounds a little empty sometimes, maybe work on a driving melody for it, and put a bass instrument in. Hope this helps!

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megakill responds:

It helps a great deal.
Sorry about the stuff at the beginning though. By the time i was done with this it all sorta sounded like that to me so, yeah.

Cheers for the advice though!

NGHH '11- Madflex Vs Respect NGHH '11- Madflex Vs Respect

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not My Genre, But I'll Be Objective

The vocals were too loud in comparison to the music, and it sounds like you need better quality recording equipment. Whoever was producing on this needs to get a little better at quantization because the vocals are a little off from time to time. Your lyrics are amusing, to an extent, but there's nothing hooking me in, and one of the rappers is louder than the other. The song just kind of ends without resolution. I hope this helps for the future!

EricFreeman - Happy Piano Song EricFreeman - Happy Piano Song

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Not Happy

This sounds like it's in a minor key, so if you want it to sound happy, you should change that. Your piano sounds a little distorted, as well. And the melody lines get repetitive. This is alright, but it felt like it was going somewhere and it didn't go there. If you're going to focus on the piano, turn down the drums a little bit, and make the piano more intricate. I hope this helps! Good luck in the future!

EricFreeman responds:

This song is in C Major and sounds happy as piss to me. Plus I like the drums the way they are. I wouldn't have made them loud if I didn't want loud drums. This song is also going to be used as background music for a flash game a friend of mine is making. I'm not going to have intricate piano and crazy beats going on for background music on a friendly game about...kittens.

I'll Fly With You (Dance MiX) I'll Fly With You (Dance MiX)

Rated 4 / 5 stars


A little generic UK Hardcore-ish for my taste, but that's how this music is supposed to be, so that's forgiven! It's really fun, and it is correct in saying it's a dance mix, I want to get up and rave to it! My only concern is that the vocals sometimes are a little bit off-key and lengthy beyond comfort, but that's also forgivable. I suggest, for the vocals, getting rid of the robotic background part and the flanger, and maybe putting some sort of vocoding or autotuning in. I hope this helps! =D (And good work!)

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kirja100 responds:

It is very sad that all my projects deleted :(:(.... so I can not fix the problem.
But anyway Hot Thank you for help me, which I need:)

First Attempt @ Dubstep First Attempt @ Dubstep

Rated 1 / 5 stars

You're correct.

But ear piercing and diarrhea causing in a bad way.
You need to get rid of your melody instrument. Your bass instrument is good, and your wubs aren't bad, but the melody sounded like flies crying. Maybe change it to a piano or 3xOSC without any sort of filters? Hope this helps!

Lithorph responds:

Yeah thanks, i dont usually do dubstep nor do i listen to it so idk ^^. I might give this another try though.

Dreamscrape Dreamscrape

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Your buildup was too long, wayyy too long. And it felt like it was building up for something epic, but it fell short of expectations slightly. I can tell you have some talent, but it's not the best, nor is it the worst. The bass could be a little heavier. Hope this helps for the future!

ADarkerBreed responds:

Thank you for the critique, I'll take that into consideration, unfortunately basswise I end up censoring it a bit as I use a combination of laptop speakers (no bass) and subwoofered headphones (tons of bass) so finding a good inbetween can sometimes be hard